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has got to stop. and stop with the debt ceiling that will probably come up for a vote this fall. which way will we go, mr. speaker? what will we do to ensure that the children of tomorrow don't have to pay for the bills of today? it will take courage. it will take, frankly, mr. speaker, more than this congress. we can't wait for washington to do this alone. we need the help of the people. and that's why i take to the floor tonight, ultimately, mr. speaker. getting the word out. know american families, once they know the truths, they will speak that truth to power and they will demand change and demand to live within their means again because that's what every american has done before. want the next to be better off. that's what americans today want, too. and i tell this to you, mr. speaker, and all the members of this house, that when there is a direct conflict between the people in the here and now and the people of tomorrow, those without a voice, those that don't exist yet that's why they don't have a voice, when there is that direct conflict in terms of a vote on an issue, on a bil
party was bedeviling obama over the debt ceiling the idea that the white house is not involved with getting this investigation to intimidate or put out of business the tea party, i have --. for example greg government abuse of power is a federal crime. >> this is the total politicization of the federal government. we have the justice department, the i.r.s., we have the white house law donilom and there are answers to questions that have to be gotten to get our government back. >> it is chicago gangster politics. the i.r.s. thing, 16,000 more agents in charge of health care? go back to the other issue: there are big questions, and the question is, where did the video come from? it didn't fall from the sky. >>gregg: we will talk about hillary clinton although she has not said whether she is running for president. could the fallout from benghazi derail former secretary of state, hillary clinton before it gets off the ground? our insiders will weigh in on that. ber 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us th
'll be hitting a debt ceiling and face either default or government shutdown, and remember, this president added $6 trillion to our national debt. so washington is long, long, overdue to get its fiscal house in order and getting rid of a liberal u.s. senator and getting us a republican senator will go a long ways to change that. we know that the stop -- [applause] we know that these stopgap spending measures and the sequester hysteria is a coloss al leadership failure. and remember, that sequester idea came directly from the white house. and now they don't want to own it yet they want to complain about it. so, that brings me back to where we started. iowa needs another advocate in the united states senate and winning iowa's open seat for the first time in a generation will get us back on the right track. and speaking of train wrecks, and, senator, or congressman king made this very clear, there's even a bipartisan coalition in washington calling the implementation of obamacare that train wreck. my friend of the other party, senator baucus, is retiring because he is so fed up with the possibility
's extraordinary measures to avoid hitting the debt ceiling will last until after september 2nd. this was in a letter to lawmakers. lew says he can't provide specific estimate how long the measures will last. lori: they have the cash to cover our bills until september is that what he is saying? extraordinary measures? accounting. i don't know. i want to hear more about that. melissa: for sure. european auto sales breaking a 18-month losing streak. april sales rising from the historic low hit back in 2011 but the news is not all great. the jump is attributed to an extra two days in the calendar. many europeans are still reluctant to spend on big-ticket items as they cope with the ongoing recession and a dismal labor market. speaking of europe, the imf says substantial risk remains for cyprus. they will face a deep recession for both this year and next. this coming months after cyprus received a $13 billion bailout from the european union and the imf. >>> there is a bit of good news for the troubled region though. markets there are climbing to the highest level in nearly five year
ceiling all day but there will be a real debt ceiling they hit some day. they can try to keep alternatives from emerging but in the long term they can't. like gun control we talk about something the government should do but then 3 d printers come along and it is no longer it is something the government can do. you have a situation you can't necessarily control from washington. >> "the end is near and it's going to be awesome." kevin williamson, thank you. great story from the theater last night. we're on your side. they better not press charges. that would be very embarrassing for that lady who was on her phone. on the show tomorrow bob woodward weighs in on the government seizure of the ap phone records. also the man behind hbo's new movie "liberace." >> he is my hero. >> jerry weintraub. joe does the best imitation. >> i am so excited. >> are you coming back? are you booking yourself? >> i have been looked. >> or are you even booked for today? >> yes i was. >> sure. "morning joe" is back in a moment. humans. even whe c and dot our i's, namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual
spending fight is not going to be in the summer, but it will be in the fall. the debt seatinget get -- ceiling will get rolled together, we have a big fight over this in september, i think that scandals may inform that debate in a productive way, they show there a lack the control with that out of control big government, even david axelrod said it is too vast for white house to know what is going on. when the government is too vast for the white house to know what is going on i hope they down size it. neil: that worries me when anyone in the white house doesn't know whattis going on, that gets to be a theme of late. so, there is a sense out there, that at the least, this stymie's the president's agenda to some, not all of the financial community who are loath to gove, that is a good thing , what do you think of that? this hurts president's pending agenda and will help the economy as a result. >> i think all of these grandstanding hearings and vote on repeeling obamacare, it all a different trachfrom focus -- differendistraction from focusse laser beam on the economy. but, looking at
approaches the debt limit. the debt ceiling, mr. president, is something 245 we used to just -- is something that we used to just move past. an elephant never forgets. but republicans don't follow their mascot, as they have a very short memory. elephants don't. but the republican party does. they should remember the political pain they inflicted upon them -- the republicans -- and our country over the past two years, in part by driving the one interest one manufactured crisis to the next. it's astonishing that republicans will once again, as they passed in the house last week, a bill to hold the full faith and credit of the united states government hostage. if only because it's so bad for their political brand, but it's also bad for our country. the last time republicans drove us to the brink of default, it cost the united states its pristine credit rating and cost the economy billions of dollars. when i talk about republicans, madam president, i'm not speaking about republicans generically. that is, republicans around the country. because many, many republicans, if not most republicans, agr
of obamacare. you have the question of our debt ceiling. the country and not being physically --fiscally responsible. a time and nowat you have the latest one, a.p. which again is not a partisan thing. a.p. have disclosed some of what have taken some additional requirements or harassment in an investigation. these things do detractor. the work of congress still goes on. a lot of that is day-to-day work that doesn't get the headlines. a democrat from colorado. theer: i hope i can take congressman at his word. he does look awfully happy this morning. guest: it is a beautiful day in washington. social welfarec4 exemption for social welfare the pactle groups when qualifies as a charitable social wear fur organization and gets a tax exemption. it was congress in the first place that kept complaining as if they were victims of some targeted irs scandal. i would hope that the congressman would join in fully funding the irs because the sequester has cut funds to it. to irs is required by law make sure that these programs qualified for this welfare primarily which is not to be used for political
and the irs investigation and immigration reform. then a discussion on the upcoming debt ceiling debate. and the underground economy of workers. "washington journal" on c-span. >> this weekend, book tv is live from maryland at the book festival. live coverage begins saturday at 10 a.m. easter the gaithersburg book festival live all day on saturday on c- span 2 book tv. the national institutes of health and a budget. francis, steps to five at a committee hearing. this is just under two hours. >> the senate appropriations committee will come to order. today we are privileged to have as my longtime compatriot used to say, the crown jewel of the federal government, that is the national institute of health care for a budget hearing. dr. collins, welcome to the subcommittee. our panel of doctors. this is an important moment for nih and the future of medical research in this country. fundingear 2003, the has dropped in real terms by 22%. hashasing power of nih fallen by more than 1/5 over the past decade. 2013,ear, fiscal year nih will drop by $1.7 billion below last year's budget. almost enti
comes to a boil before we get to the debt ceiling and before we get to october, the end of the fiscal year. obviously that date is the final backstop. something has to happen before then. >> i want to be clear. yes to veto? the president should veto it? >> i think the president should be very clear that he doesn't accept the idea that we're going to relieve portions of the sequester when it comes to the defense piece he is absolutely been clear that he would veto that. and i support that position. "washington journal" continues. host: david jackson is a white house reporter with u.s.a. today and is here to talk to us about the situation in light of this week's i.r.s. scandal which saw the resignation of the acting i.r.s. commissioner day -- the i.r.s. commissioner and mr. jackson is going to help us take a look at the relationship between the u.s. president and the i.r.s. throughout modern history. the i.r.s. desires to be seen as an independent agency but it hasn't always been that way. has it? >> no, it hasn't. there have been examples of presidents using the irds and it's been foun
on immigration or the budget with the debt ceiling fight coming up. >> thank you so much. don't forget, you can watch "meet the press" 10:00 a.m. right here on wbal. an elderly couple is recovering after they were hit by a car in baltimore county. it happened on harford road at 9:30 last night. and 80-year-old man suffered serious injuries and the female victim was taken to shock trauma as well preclude her injuries are believed to be not as severe as the man. the vehicle remained at the scene and now there is no word on who was at fault. police are investigating a double shooting in southwest baltimore that happened before 1:00 yesterday morning. investigators a officers arrived on the scene to find two juvenile males suffering from gunshot wounds. one was shot in the leg and the other in that had and they are both in stable condition. we're learning more about a suspicious death investigation in arbutus that may stem from an attempted murder/suicide police found the body of a woman and an unconscious man and we know the woman is a 45-year-old and police say she suffered multiple injuries that
about the debt ceiling again. the good news is getting overwhelmed. you talk about that midterm election, what are those about? base, right? base politics. now they see a government, administration, yes, the white house will say it was the irs and independent agency, but the federal government targeting the tea party. who is that going to mobilize? the conservative base. we'll have more fights over the tea party. you have the justice department and attorney general who the republicans have long been at war now in hot water. it's early. this could all change by the time we get around to next year. but take an early look, you have an engaged republican look, and beginning evidence of some democrat drift now, the question is, does it become demoralized. if you get that combination, that's what we had in 2006. when democrats had a very good year, that set them up for 2008. >> the investigation starts u don't know where it will wind up. john, thanks very much. >>> other news we're following, including the fbi. why is the fbi taking a second look right now at the mysterious death on a honeymoo
. economic issues, job creation, he's got a debt ceiling that's about to explode at the end of july, if you will. he's got a lot of work to do. this is the last thing he needs, three separate investigations under way. >> i have to tell you, too, just sort of, again, taking the temperature on capitol hill, at the hearing today with eric holder, the easy part of his testimony was about the irs. because all they did is walk in and say, we're going to expand, make this investigation even bigger. we're going to get to the bottom of this. that was received very well by both democrats and republicans. so the irs, is apparently the easiest thing to fix, just by investigating and figuring out what went wrong. >> wolf, this has been a political sinkhole for the white house, all of these three things together. one of the most important commodities at the white house is time. and the people who run the white house right now are talking about this stuff. rather than the agenda that you're talking about. the president is -- met with john mccain, trying to keep immigration reform on track. but this is tak
true. >> well, you may not need to use the debt ceiling in the third quarter. >> they won't. >> the pageant music coming on. >> and they won't talk about a sequester anymore. that will remain in place. for some people is a good thing. >> this is just a suggested break. it's not -- >> you're taking it way too seriously. >> i'm trying to get invited back. trying to play by the rules. >> there's only one person to kiss up to. >> steve, thank you. >> you can do it without kissing up to him. trust me. >> we'll see about that. >> and that's the of steve liesman, as well. >> our series continues with innovators who want to shake up the financial services industry. a ceo of a company that offers the same services as the big private banks but at a fraction of the cost. stay tuned. ♪ [ female announcer ] you're the boss of your life. in charge of long weekends and longer retirements. ♪ ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. always go the extra mile. to treat
for possible train wreck. you've got the question of our debt ceiling. the country not being fiscally responsible. you've got immigration reform. a whole host of major issues before the congress. this unfortunately does come at a time and now you've got -- what's the latest one i'm going after, i guess, a.p. reporters, partisan isn't a thing. a.p. and others have disclosed some of what has -- they consider some additional requirements or harassment in an investigation. so, these things do detract, but the work of congress still goes on. and that -- a lot of that meat and potatoes work that doesn't ged headlines. host: democrat from ohio. welcome. caller: thank you so much for having me on. i hope i can take the congressman at his word that he is trying to be nonpartisan, but i do note that he looks awfully happy this morning. i would like to ask -- guest: beautiful day in washington. caller: to citizens united and e 501-c-4 social welfare exemption for funding charitable crossroads pact qualifies as a charitable social welfare organization, and gets a tax exemption, when glenn beck'
. that the good news is we're doing better economically but not good enough not to have to confront the debt ceiling problem at some time. >> lynn sweet, ed 0 keefe. >> in the next hour a bipartisan congressman introducing legislation in response to the justice department's see sure of ap phone records. we're going to talk to a democrat congressman. >>> also mitt romney stopped by the tonight show and mitt got some laughs. we're going to play that for you next. ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, stayin
Search Results 50 to 65 of about 66